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A personal assistant that was developed by me when I was learning c++ programming.

Yes! It actually speaks. :D

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What Assistant Can Do for Me?#

Well well! Have a look at these features:

  • Assistant can actually talk to you.
  • Ask your Assistant to perform basic mathematical operations.
  • It can play songs for you.
  • Don’t you know what day is today? Ask your Assistant then.
  • Not Satisfyied? You can add your own functionalities too.
  • And, Assistant is not married yet!


Click to play video:


  • Currently Assistant works only on Windows 10 version of windows platform.
  • For linux you need to install Espeak. Just type these commands in the terminal:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo apt-get install espeak

Installation & Usage#

  • For Windows:

    1. Download the repository.
    2. Go to the windows/ directory in the project.
    3. Start main.exe.
    4. Have fun.
  • For Linux:

    1. Download the repository.
    2. make sure you have installed all the dependencies.
    3. Go to linux/ directory in the project from terminal.
    4. type ./main in the terminal.
    5. Have fun in linux too.

How to Add/Delete/Change Commands?#

Genral Commands:

  • If you are using Windows then start createCommandFile.exe.
  • If you are on Linux then go in terminal and type ./createCommandFile.
  • Choose the option for whatever editing you need and press enter.
  • Perform the edting.


  1. Do not add any punctuation marks at the end of the orders. Assistant will automatically handle them.
  2. You need to add punctuations marks in the responses for explaining proper expressions to the Assistant for speaking.

Math Opearions:
All the steps are same but instead of createCommandFile.exe use mathCommandFile.exe and in linux use ./mathCommandFile instead of ./createCommandFile.

Advanced Operations:
Advance operaions include playing music and telling dates. You can add keywords for trigerring your advance commands and then edit the respond in AdvanceCommandFile.cpp.


You can fork the repository and make any changes you want. I would love to see the changes ♡.