Lakshya Khatri

Hi, my name is Lakshya Khatri. I am a junior software developer from India. I enjoy writing blog posts and participating in community events. I am most proficient in python based frameworks and libraries, and android framework.

I am an opensource contributor and maintainer of CDSAPI.jl for Julia Community.

I am a person with an extreme passion for software development and learning. The more I learn about things, the more my curiosity forces me to know more about them. Along with my full-time software development role, I spend my time learning different technologies and creating both wacky and useful projects.

Nowadays it seems like I have started developing weird interest in Javascript and GraphQL technologies and hence I am taking side courses to learn these technologies. I love doing mathematical stuff and that is why I have a good past with ML and Image Processing stuff too.

I try to share my journey, the cool stuff I make and the beauty of computer science that I see through my blog posts. If you want to learn along with me or want to see the world of computer science through my perspective then you can follow me on DEV or join my email list.

Hit me up on twitter if you want to talk about anything. I love making new connections and meeting new people 😊♡.